Eric  Pape    (1870-10-17 —  1938)

Pape studied at the San Francisco School of Design, but left for Paris in 1888. He spent a couple years in Paris studying at many of the best schools. He studied under Boulanger, Lefebvre, Constant, Doucet Blanc, Delance, Laurens and Gerome. He also spent two years in Germany and one in Egypt.

In 1898, he found he founded Eric Pape School of Art in Boston. In 1906, he led an effort to rescue the Constitution (the ship, not the document) from destruction.

In addition to fine art, he illustrated many books, including: The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte (1895), Hilda Stafford (1895), The Children of the Sun (1897), The Life of Mahomet (1899), The Great North Road (1899), The War of the Air (1908), Memoirs of Ellen Terry (1908), and, of course, The Arabian Nights in 1923.

His version of the Nights includes copious ornamentation, in addition to the illustrated scenes. Many of these are used to decorate this website.

The Princess and "AAla-ed-din"

The Rukh

The Rukh carries off its prey


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